Ecce cello

May 9
1 h–1 h 15 min
Start of the Event: 5 pm 
Place of the event: 
Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre
Music and multimedia performance
Music, video and idea by David Fernández (cello, Spain / Germany)

Bridging the gap between classical music and technological world of today, Ecce cello celebrates sadness with an energetic pessimism, full of joy and humour. With a more typical energy from hip-hop or rock scene, since 1995 David Fernández explores the powerful presence and sound of the cello filtered through his experience in dance, theatre and technological research. Using three tablets, a smartphone and an electric cello David builds an autonomous self-expression dispositive that challenges the limits of what’s possible using today’s technology. Ecce cello has released three CDs with original compositions.
David Fernández is a Spanish dancer, actor and self-taught cellist, as well as a frustrated inventor. He integrates daily life technology into his works, where the Classical music has yet a strong echo. Acclaimed by the Spanish press for his astonishing theatrical performances, 15 different productions with his own company have established him as a producer, writer and director. Since 2010 he has been based in Berlin, focusing exclusively on the cello. Fernández is also the founding member of the Stegreif Orchester Berlin.