Kodály and Hungarian folk

May 9
1 h 15 min–1 h 30 min
10.00 €
Start of the Event: 7 pm
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
Roel Dieltiens (cello, Belgium)
Muzsikás Folk Ensemble (Hungary)
Programme: Zoltán Kodály, Sonata for solo cello and Hungarian folk music

Muzsikás pays tribute to the great Hungarian composer, musicologist, folklorist, and teacher Zoltán Kodály (1882‒1967). Kodály created and developed his famous system for music education starting from early childhood. On the other hand he was a great composer. The central core of this concert program is his famous composition for cello, the Sonata for solo cello (1915), one of the most challenging works for cellists the world over, performed by Roel Dieltiens, the great Belgian cellist from Antwerp. Muzsikás will surround it with traditional tunes: “We play traditional tunes before this piece, and play folk music between the movements. Although there is no direct melodic connection between the Sonata for solo cello and folk melodies, the essence of the traditional music can be detected. We selected folk melodies that match the atmosphere of the movement or do just the opposite by contrasting it. The whole process was extremely exciting and we would like to express our thanks to Roel for his kind cooperation.”