Piazzolla–An Authentic Story

May 7
1 h–1 h 15 min
10.00 €
Start of the Event: 9.30 pm
Place of the event: Klaipėda Concert Hall
Analia Selis
 (voice, Argentina), Mariano Castro (piano, Argentina), Omar Massa (bandoneon, Argentina), Răzvan Suma (cello, Romania), Rafael Butaru (violin, Romania)
Programme: music by Ástor Piazzolla in the arrangements of Mariano Castro

Ástor Piazzolla (1921‒1992)
"Regreso al amor"
"Vuelvo al sur"
, lyrics by Fernando „Pino“ Solanas
"Jacinto Chiclana", lyrics by Jorge Luis Borges
"Le Grand Tango"
"Los paraguas de Buenos Aires"
, lyrics by Horacio Ferrer
"Milonga del ángel"
"Balada para un loco"
, lyrics by Horacio Ferrer
"Francisco De Caro" (1898‒1976)
"Loca Bohemia", arr. for bandoneon by Á. Piazzolla
"Ástor Piazzolla" (1921‒1992)
"Fuga y misterio / Fugata"
"Chiquilín de bachin"
, lyrics by Horacio Ferrer
"Michelangelo 70"
"Milonga de la anunciación", lyrics by Horacio Ferrer
*All arrangements and transcriptions by Mariano Castro
ArgEnTango is a project based in Europe, the main direction is to express in the most authentic possible way Ástor Piazzolla’s music, usually called the ‘soundtrack’ of Buenos Aires.
Beside a powerful Argentinian trio formed by the well-known Analia Selis (voice), Mariano Castro (piano) and Omar Massa (bandoneon), two other fantastic Romanian musicians joined this project – Răzvan Suma (cello) and Rafael Butaru (violin).
ArgEnTango aims to bring to the public an unknown side of Piazzolla. Many of the vocal pieces are supported by poems of the well-known writers Jorge Luis Borges and Horacio Ferrer.
Piazzola’s contribution to tango is enormous, especially bringing it to a high academic level and also to the most important concert halls of the world, something that didn’t happen to the tango style before him.
Arrangements and transcriptions, made by Mariano Castro for this ensemble, are created around Piazzolla’s wonderful instrument that became so famous thanks to him: the bandoneon. Omar Massa is one of most appreciated bandoneon players of his generation.