Here and Now

May 11
1 h.
Start of the Event: 11 am 11.30 am 12 pm
Place of the event: The Old Market of Klaipėda
Live music and dance performance with the participation of dancers from the Šeiko Dance Company, the Festival’s Cello Ensemble, senior citizens of Klaipėda
Idea and Concept: Agnija Šeiko, Mindaugas Bačkus

The usual hustle and bustle of the marketplace on a Saturday morning and live cello music soaring above; an ordinary place in the city, inviting to take part in an extraordinary event – live music and dance installation, which takes place amidst of and in sharp contrast to the customary ambience of the marketplace. Very slow movement of the dancers accompanied by the cello ensemble deliberately intervenes to counteract the superficial and fast-paced trading.
It is THE MARKETPLACE OF LIFE to be enacted by ten cellists and forty dancers in the performance, occurring HERE AND NOW.
It is the result of fifth collaboration between the Klaipėda Concert Hall and the Šeiko Dance Company, which involves senior citizens of Klaipėda, who also happen to be non-professional members of the Šeiko Dance Company’s studio, and participants of the 2nd International Klaipėda Cello Festival. This community outreach project was initiated by Mindaugas Bačkus, one of the foremost Lithuanian cellists and artistic director of the Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, and Agnija Šeiko, choreographer and artistic director of the company, winner of two Golden Stage Crosses and other prizes for her outstanding contribution to Lithuanian contemporary dance scene.