About academy

Klaipėda International Violoncello Academy / KIVA is a continuation of the First Klaipėda International Violoncello Festival and Competition held in 2017. It is masterclass program offering possibilities to develop performers’ competences under the tutelage of illustrious professors:
Andrzej Bauer (Poland) – individual violoncello lessons,
Bruno Cocset (France) – individual baroque violoncello lessons,
Eleonora Testelec (Latvia) – individual violoncello lessons,
Joseph Hasten (Germany) – violoncello ensembles, violoncello orchestra,
Karine Georgian (United Kingdom) – individual violoncello lessons,
Martti Rousi (Finland) – individual violoncello lessons,
Mindaugas Bačkus (Lithuania) – individual violoncello lessons,
Roel Dieltiens (Belgium) – individual violoncello lessons,
Stephan Braun (Germany) – jazz violoncello improvisation lessons.
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KIVA 2018 masterclass program features various social and cultural events: pedagogues and students’ recitals and appearances with orchestras, individual and ensemble music making, movement sessions (Play Violoncello – Move Yourself!), violoncello choir, etc.
In an attempt to expand the violoncello music traditions in Klaipėda we invite young and talented violoncellists, college students and senior pupils to professionally excel, improve professional competencies and enrich musical experience, and generate positive social-cultural environment surrounded by violoncello music. The age the participants of the Academy shall fall into 16–30 frame.  
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