The Klaipėda Concert Hall will hold the International Klaipėda Cello Competition from 6 May to 10 May 2019, as part of the 2nd International Klaipėda Cello Festival. The competition is open for professional musicians and cello students of all nationalities. Candidates must be no more than 30 years of age on 6 May 2019. Competition prize fund – € 19,400. More

The International Klaipėda Cello Competition is held in two categories – junior and professional.

Junior category is divided into three age groups:

Group A – up to10 years of age (born after 6 May 2009);

Group B – up to 14 years of age (born after 6 May 2005);

Group C – up to 18 years of age (born after 6 May 2001).

Professional category has one age group:

Group D – up to 30 years of age (born after 6 May 1989).


First prize winners of the previous competitions cannot be part of the same age group in the current competition.
1. Candidates must register and fill out, online at, a 2019 International Klaipėda Cello Competition application form in its entirety and submit it along with the non-refundable fee for entry by 1 March 2019.
2. Successful candidates will receive confirmation of admittance to competition by email before 31 March 2019.
3. Entrance fees:
All entrance fees must be paid by 1 March 2019 using Paysera, PayPal, and credit card (via the online application form), or by bank transfer to the following bank account:
IBAN: LT567230000000700318
Address: Totorių g. 20, Vilnius LT 01121, Lithuania
Bank name: UAB Medicinos bankas
Bank address: Pamėnkalnio g. 40, LT 01114 Vilnius
Payment should be annotated “Entrance Fee” and indicate the full name of a candidate.
If a candidate chooses to pay by bank transfer, it is necessary to keep the digital transfer receipt of payment with the details mentioned above.
4. Entrance fee is non-refundable should the candidate withdraw from the competition.
5. Fees for accompanying pianists:
Competitors in the Junior category can rehearse and perform with their own accompanists at their own expense; otherwise the organizers of the competition can hire pianists (€30 per hour) by individual request.
Competitors in the Professional category, once they enter the second round, are entitled to free-of-charge official pianists allocated by the organizers of the competition. Rehearsal times with pianists will be scheduled during the competition.
6. All competitors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult who will carry full responsibility over the minor at any time.
7. Competitors must pay their own accommodation and travel expenses.
8. During the competition, the organizers cannot be held responsible for the consequences of incidents or accidents involving the competitors. It is advised to check the personal insurance of competitors and the accompanying adult(s) in order to guarantee coverage of accidents and incidents.
9. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the rules and regulations of the competition, the original version in Lithuanian language shall be taken as authoritative.

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