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28 June–6 July at the Klaipėda University Arts Academy
Creative movement workshop “Play the cello – move yourself!”

The playing of music is not solely a plain sprinkle of notes to an empty space. The movement is an  integral part of the performance that helps the performer empathize with the piece, to free and  demonstrate one’s personal musical interpretations. During the workshop, through various creative tasks, improvisation, work in groups, couples and solely you will develop body movement, mobility, a sense of space and scenicallity. Exercises of stretching will help relax tension in the body and prepare for an active day. Dance will help to expand your movement and artistic boundaries, therefore creating a more persuasive music interpretation delivered not only from the instrument, but the whole body.
Classes led by Agnija Šeiko, founder and artistic director of the “PADI DAPI Fish“ Dance Theatre, and choreographers Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė and Inga Kuznecova. Depending on the weather, classes will be held in the open air or in the theatre studio.