Klaipėda International Cello Competition: Results

Antradienis 09 gegužės 2017 13:20
Moment from the D Group Final, soloist Rustem Khamidullin (Russia). Credits: Domas Rimeika

As the first Klaipėda International Cello Competition has come to an end please find the competition results listed below. All competition participants were praised by the Jury for the exceptionally strong and high-quality preparation. The selection of winners was not easy in every age group as the cellists demonstrated a high level of mastery.

Group D

I Prize Rustem Khamidullin (Russia)
II Prize Kenta Uno (Austria)
III Prize Rokas Vaitkevičius (Lithuania)
Solo performance with Liepaja Symphony Orchestra in the season of 2018-19: Rustem Khamidullin (Russia)
Invitation to be a member of the jury of the second Klaipėda International Cello Competition: Rustem Khamidullin (Russia)
Solo performance with Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra at the Klaipėda Concert Hall in the season of 2018-19: Kenta Uno (Austria)
Invitation of the Pau Casals Foundation to visit the Pau Casals museum in Spain: Rustem Khamidullin (Russia)
Best performance of A. Šenderovas Interludium: Rokas Vaitkevičius (Lithuania)
Favourite of the Audience: Rokas Vaitkevičius (Lithuania)

Group C

I Prize Jan Sekaci (Romania)
II Prize Mikhail Makhnach (Russia)
III Prize Anna Pauksena (Latvia)
Diploma: Jokūbas Savickas (Lithuania), Hleb Sidaruk (Belarus), Julius Jonušas (United Kingdom)

Group B

I Prize Daniil Nikonov (Russia)
II Prize Zuzanna Zamęska (Poland)
III Prize Paula Skulte (Latvia)
Savva Grigoryev (Russia)
Diploma: Kseniia Khulga (Russia), Jokūbas Burneikis (Lithuania), Julius Maknickas (Lithuania)

Group A

I Prize Patricija Kasteckaitė (Lithuania)
II Prize Milana Eremina (Russia)
III Prize Liepa Razmutė (Lithuania)
Diploma for the Musical Perspective: Benediktas Zonys (Lithuania), Atis Grinbergs (Latvia), Miks Janis Skulte (Latvia)
Diploma: Bruno Tankelsons (Latvia), Marija Khulga (Russia)
Congratulations to all winners!