International Klaipėda cello festival

May 5-11, 2025

Cellists from different countries offer to get to know the world of music from different perspectives. A special competition for cellists is an opportunity to compete under the watch of an internationally renowned panel, while the festival is a buzzing city from breakfast to late night with concerts, masterclasses, workshops, talks, seminars, presentations, an exhibition, a film screening and a meeting with the director. theater and dance performances and cello plein air for families.

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  • Nakties koncertai
  • Pavakario rečitaliai
  • Vakaro koncertai
  • Keliaujančios violončelės
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Feb 08 2021

The 2021 International David Geringas Cello Competition has been moved to 2023

Aug 22 2019

Cello Festival and Competition – has no analogues in the Baltic countries

May 14 2019

II International Klaipeda Cello Competition awards and winners