Start of the event:

May 11

Start of the event:



€ 14

Place of the event:

Klaipėda Castle Museum, Northern Curtain Wall

Cello Club: Arnas Kmieliauskas, Evaldas Petkus, Domas Jakštas, Povilas Jacunskas, Rokas Vaitkevičius, Gleb Pyšniak, Dainius Misiūnas, Šarūnas Pozniakovas

Choreographer and dancer Niels Claes (Šeiko Dance Company)

Programme: Michael Gordon 8


This performance will prove that the cello can also dance. The Cello Club, an ensemble of cellists from Vilnius, and Agnija Šeiko’s dance company will join forces for this event. The minimalist, undulating and trance-like work 8 by American composer Michael Gordon not only conjures up the sound of eight cellos, but also inspires movement artists with its unique expression. A spectacle fusing various performing arts disciplines by Niels Claes, a Belgian dancer and choreographer, who has been based in Lithuania since 2015 and also made a name for himself in the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and other countries. In 2017, Niels Claes and Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė were awarded Golden Stage Cross as the best dance performers of the year for their duo project Aside. In 2021, he received his second Golden Stage Cross as the best dancer for his roles in dance performances of the Šeiko Dance Company.

Today, with the enormous popularity of homogeneous ensembles in Europe, the charismatic musicians of the Cello Club will prove how immersive the sound of eight (!) cellos can be. The Cello Club was formed in 2020 by some of the most outstanding Lithuanian cellists, members of major Lithuanian orchestras, and soloists, who have encoded a message of openness in the group’s name. In their programmes, they often blur the boundaries between serious art and entertainment.



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