Start of the event:

May 10

Start of the event:



€ 6

Place of the event:

The Culture Factory, Cinema Club 8 ½

Introduction by Edvinas Pūkšta and screening of the film

Director Yōjirō Takita (Japan, 2008), with subtitles in Lithuanian and English


This time, one of the cello’s thousand faces shows light sadness in a bit of a philosophical mood: through the eyes of the film makers, it looks at death, as if to say that death is always lurking close by, so don’t be afraid of it! This is the main theme in a Japanese film Okuribito (Departures, 2008, dir. Yōjirō Takita, subtitled in English and Lithuanian), which tells the story of a cellist’s life. When the orchestra is disbanded, the cellist Daigo and his wife go to the countryside – to the birthplace where he spent his childhood, to the home his father left behind when Daigo was little and found another woman, to the house where Daigo’s mother once lived and died alone. A musician gets a job in a funeral parlour: his job is to wash the bodies of the dead and perform the farewell ceremonies… Edvinas Pūkšta will tell you more about the film and the magic of cinema.



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